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Stages of making a Will

Below is Lawable’s 5 stages for the Will making process.

Stage 1 – Initial details

You provide us with some initial details, so we know who you are, roughly what assets you own and what your current thoughts are (if any) on what to put in your Will.

This can be done by completing our website form, by email or by a quick telephone call.

Stage 2 – Meeting

Timescale – We will automatically email you with a link to arrange the meeting upon receipt of the initial details.

Once we have your initial details, we will email you with a link that enables you to arrange a video call with us.

Once you choose your preferred date and time, an appointment will automatically be added to our diaries.

The video call itself usually takes 15 to 30 minutes and enables your solicitor to review your Will instructions and confirm that you are mentally capable of creating a Will (a legal requirement and one that reduces the chances of your Will being successfully challenged in future).

Stage 3 – Confirmation

Timescale – Typically within 24 hours of the meeting.

We will email you with a summary of your instructions and our Terms of Business for you to check and confirm.

The Terms of Business will confirm our fees (these are set out on our website
at so there are never any nasty surprises) and can be
electronically signed.

Stage 4 – Drafting

Timescale – Typically within 24 hours of receipt of approval of our Terms of Business.

Once we know your instructions are finalised and you have agreed to our Terms, we will draft your Will.

Once drafted, we will post the Will.

We will email you with a summary of your Will, instructions on how to sign your Will and our Invoice.

Stage 5 – Storage

Timescale – Typically within 24 hours of receipt of your original Will.

Once you have signed your Will and returned it to us, we will scan a copy and email it to you for your records.

We will then store the original Will in our secure storage facility and close our file.

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